Achieving Brand Awareness and Quality Leads with Digital Advertising

WEFab – Warsaw Engineering & Fabricating, Inc.

After years of relying solely on cold calls and referrals to expand its business, Warsaw Engineering & Fabricating, Inc. (WEFab) struggled to drive brand awareness and bring in a consistent stream of new leads. By implementing Orange’s digital advertising strategy, WEFab left cold calling in the past and motivated clients to come directly to them.

about the client

For nearly 40 years, WEFab has been a family-owned custom metal fabrication company dedicated to quality and performance. With services like contract maintenance teams, water-jet cutting, and plasma cutting, WEFab offers complete manufacturing solutions for any job clients request—from middle-of-the-night equipment repairs to complex fabrication.

The Problem

With only one person in charge of planning and executing marketing initiatives, WEFab did not have time to create a lead-generating digital strategy. They relied on cold calls to connect with clients, having no social media presence and only minimal website activity. To build and implement their digital campaign, WEFab enlisted Orange Marketing Group’s expertise.

The Solution

In order to understand WEFab’s value proposition and primary needs, Orange’s creative team met with company executives for a Story Retreat. The day-long strategy session enabled us to identify key areas of growth and effective messages for WEFab’s digital ads and social media campaign. The result was a 20-page report complete with a sample marketing schedule for WEFab to review.

Orange’s solution involved a two-part campaign: 


Google Ads that would drive leads to the website and generate calls to WEFab


An end-to-end LinkedIn strategy, including posting and advertising, to engage decision-makers at area companies in need of WEFab’s services

The Results

To attract quality leads, Orange targeted its Google Ads to concentrated locations in Indiana and southern Michigan. By focusing on areas closest to WEFab, these ads delivered more than 35,000 impressions in just four months, driving nearly 1,500 clicks to WEFab’s website. 




clicks to WEFab’s website.

WEFab’s social media strategy centered on increasing brand awareness by using ads to target prospective clients in the manufacturing industry and generating organic connections through the weekly posts that were written and scheduled for WEFab’s team. During the initial months of the partnership, LinkedIn visitors to WEFab’s corporate page nearly doubled, and the organic post engagement rate increased by 45%. Additionally, in just one month, LinkedIn’s corporate page realized a:


increase in followers


increase in post impressions


increase in website clicks

Orange’s paid LinkedIn strategy for WEFab included two different ads: 


A direct-message ad to connect with leads, raise brand awareness, and generate clicks for more information


A website-clicks ad to take prospects to WEFab’s website

  • Industry Average 40% 40%
  • 69% average click-through rate

Over the course of four months, the website-clicks ad sustained an average click-through rate almost 1.5 times the industry average, driving 113 visitors to WEFab’s website. By attracting more than 2,500 clicks, WEFab’s brand-awareness ad boasted the most success with a 69% average click-through rate.


Through careful planning and execution, Orange’s team delivered a comprehensive digital strategy that met all of WEFab’s goals—without overshooting their budget. When you’re implementing a new digital campaign, you need a partner that will listen to your needs and devise a customized plan that fits your specifications.

To start realizing all your digital potential—and bring your clients to you—reach out to our team today.