Our Services

Think outside the peel with Orange Marketing Group: where design, strategy, and success converge.

We make you better! How? Through marketing your story to the right buyer at the right time in the right place. We are your conduit to the clients waiting to hear from you.

Marketing is so much more than a logo or a Facebook post. Strategy, language, nuanced messaging, creative design, motion, feelings, and data analysis all play a part in propelling your product and service into the marketplace.

Email marketing returns $36 for every $1 spent!

In 2023, 55% of marketing is digital!

Digital ads increase brand awareness by 80%!

91% of businesses use social media for marketing!

Strategic Marketing

Let’s be real, throwing stuff at the wall and hoping something sticks is not a strategy. So, why wing it when you can plan it?

Think of Strategic Marketing as your go-to party planner: all the epic-ness, none of the mess or fist fights. We deep dive into your dreams and aspirations, illuminate your goals, and provide strategies that perfectly fit your business. We swap ‘throw-and-hope’ for a plan so great, it keeps your partygoers (your clients) coming back again for more.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is the cool aunt of advertising: all about connection, minus the salesy desperation. We get your business cozy with your audience, solving problems and making them feel seen and not just names on a ledger. Forget cold-calling, this is warm welcoming. We position you as the go-to guru in your field. When they need expert advice, your customers won’t Google, they’ll come to you. Ready to be the favorite?

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is your key to the global chatter. With platforms as diverse as their users, one-size-fits-all tactics won’t get you in the door. As your expert guides, we unlock strategic plans for each platform, because let’s face it, what flies on Facebook might flop on TikTok, LinkedIn, and Snapchat. Our goal? To transform your brand into the social media buzz that keeps on buzzing. Let’s ding-dong ditch time-wasters and start curating your social media destination. Ready to go viral?

Traditional Marketing

If marketing is like a rock concert, Traditional Marketing is the classic hit everyone can’t help but sway to. It’s the nostalgia of print ads, the personal touch of direct mail, the charisma of TV commercials, the visibility of engaging billboards, and yes, even the power of tailored email campaigns. Heard reports of its death? We’re here to set the record straight – it’s very much alive, kicking, and rocking the marketing stage!

Like the perfect mixtape, there’s an art and a science to blending the old-school with the new-school. And, lucky you, we’re master producers! Ready to create a marketing melody that will have your audience humming along?

Video Marketing

In the world of Video Marketing, we’re your chief animators, turning the mundane into the magical. Forget static and staid—we’re all about dynamic and vibrant. Need to spotlight your services, stream a live event, or unfold your brand’s epic tale? We’ve got your back. From live-action to Pixar-level animation, every frame we create is a work of art that speaks volumes about your brand. Your story deserves more than a slideshow—it needs a full cinematic universe. So, are you ready for your close-up?


Imagine SEO/SEM as your brand’s fairy godparents in the crowded ballroom of the internet. Through a mix of savvy keyword strategies, website optimization, and pay-per-click spells, we make sure your brand doesn’t vanish at midnight. Instead, it dances gracefully on the first page of search engine results, catching the eye of potential customers. Cinderella story, anyone?

CRM Management + Marketing Automation

Your customer relationships are precious, so why leave them to chance? As your maestros of CRM management and marketing automation, we orchestrate an ensemble of tools and strategies. And as a HubSpot partner, you can trust us to hit every beat, from leads to loyal customers. Looking to compose a symphony of streamlined marketing and seamless customer journeys? You’ve found the right conductors.

Digital Marketing

Picture Digital Marketing as your online ambassador. It’s all about that dazzling first impression in a world where your URL is your handshake and Google is the new first date. Is your persona up to the task? If you need a facelift for your website, a boost for your app, or a sprinkle of fresh pixels on your banner ads, we’re your digital dream team. We ensure your company’s voice echoes across the digital universe, building a trust that outlives any fleeting online trends.

Graphic Design

If marketing were a blockbuster movie, Graphic Design is the special effects that leaves audiences awestruck. From logos that capture your brand’s soul to infographics that turn data into visual masterpieces, we’ve got the magic touch. We understand that good design is like a star-studded cast – every pixel plays its part, and when they all work together, it’s a cinematic sensation. So, ready to transform your brand’s vision into a Oscar winner?

Website / App Design + Development

On the digital stage, your website and app aren’t just players, they’re the headline act. We’re the writer and director all in one, seamlessly blending form, function, and a sprinkle of wow-factor. We craft websites that are as easy on the eyes as they are to navigate, and mobile apps that transform screens into interactive brand experiences. With aesthetic genius and technological innovation, we’re creating digital masterpieces that are sure to wow your audience.